Soooo… You want to be rich & famous…

Yes, fame and fortune do await our amazing guests, but the REAL reason MOST of our guests come is they LOVE fun and they LOVE sharing their experience and wisdom with our audience!

But… before you jump in, you might want to consider the...

Top 9 Reasons NOT to be a Guest on the Idaho Business Podcast

  •  You hate money, freedom and puppies
  • ​You think FREE is “too much” to be on our amazing podcast
  • ​You have all the influence, authority and trust you can handle
  • ​You know SEO rankings are for chumps and you’re not falling for it
  • ​You’re customers already know like and trust you TOO much and more content would just be showing off
  • ​You’d rather hire your own host, podcast editor, and find your own super targeted audience thank you very much
  • ​​You already have more leads, customers and fun in your life than you can handle
  • ​​You’d rather sit behind a computer and bang out a blog post that no one will read
  • ​​You don’t want “new people” to find out about your “secret” products or services

Still here? Committed to having more fun than should be allowed in a single 20 minute experience WHILE creating amazing content you can use to grow YOUR business?

NOTE: It should go without saying, but some people are crazy, so we’ll say it… By participating in the Idaho Business Podcast interview, you agree to let us record, distribute, disseminate, fold, spindle and mutilate the podcast any way we see fit. Not only that, we own the rights for any future use in speeches, books, public distribution from here to eternity. I hope you're happy…


Q: What’s your “game”? When do you hit me with the “hidden fees”?
A: Our game is making podcast magic with amazing people in our community. Not only are there NO hidden fees, there IS a surprise gift for all of our guests…

Q: What is the surprise gift?
A: I see what you are trying to do there… No ruining the surprise- Surprises are for closers guests

Q: Is this going to suck, suck the life out of me or otherwise be a pain in my butt?
A: Nope nope and NOPE- the podcast itself only takes around 20 min, throw in 10 min of chat and you’re done! We edit it, promote it, and give it to you to share with your community and even let you take all of the credit ;) 

Q: What’s this I hear about “SEO benefits”?
A: We link your show notes page from our highly important and fancy website to YOUR website giving your website some of the love and authority it deserves

Q: Is this podcast REALLY going to make me rich and famous?
A: Sometimes you’ll get leads just from being on the podcast, but the real magic is sharing the amazing piece of content we just created with YOUR perfect prospects to start or continue a conversation. Fame is 50/50 ;)